June 2, 2016 Outfit Ideas

Oh hey there CUTEST LEGGINGS COMBO EVER! This 3XL classic tee is made in the softest material. The tiny tiny mild stripes on it are so delicate and perfect. This Lindsay (L) has the perfect drape to give you the most flattering look. Pair with either of these amazing TC leggings. One pair is a heathered teal and the other is the glorious floral with all the amazing colors!Legging combo CUTEST LEGGINGS COMBO EVER! CUTEST LEGGINGS COMBO EVER! 13312784 10154193409271948 9112518334512527562 n

Here is your casual Friday outfit. All nice and pretty waiting for you. This Irma tunic (L) in a fun blue-ish purple with a teal stripe paired with some classic solid black leggings (TC). Add the greatest texture of Sarah (XL) that I’ve ever felt. The subtle white/grey/black pull the outfit together. Wear some layered necklaces in rose gold and a your back. Framed “glasses”… Cause you’re hip like that.Casual Friday CUTEST LEGGINGS COMBO EVER! CUTEST LEGGINGS COMBO EVER! 13319913 10154193552411948 2178612303272959810 n

Pulled these beauties out from the vault. I know you’re in 93 other LLR pages searching for these beauties. I’m here to show you this fun and girly outfit which consists of Irma (S), Lindsay (M), and butter… As in buttery soft leggings (OS). The pale pink top pulls out the small pink details of these floral leggings. The black Lindsay is lightweight and tones down the pastel colors. Speak now or forever hold your peace! LulaRoe Vault CUTEST LEGGINGS COMBO EVER! CUTEST LEGGINGS COMBO EVER! 13327542 10154193559966948 5687513915860197448 n