Tween Leggings

Tween-Leggings tween leggings Tween Leggings Tween Leggings


LulaRoe‘s classic, irresistibly soft leggings are now sure to be a staple of everyone’s closet because they’re available in Tween size!

In all their sizes, LulaRoe’s classic leggings are the ultimate blend in fashion and comfort, but never has that combination been more perfect than for our favorite Tweens, the kids “In between.”  For those kids in between children’s and adult’s sizes, but who are also in between “play dates” and “hanging out with friends,” the LLR Tween leggings are the perfect fit.  The leggings are especially great (fashionabley and functionally) worn under her favorite LLR skirt or dress.

Available sizes: Tween