Sort Through New Lularoe Inventory!

You guys. Want to know how long it takes to sort and hang 300 pieces of BRAND NEW inventory?!

Too long. ?

Every single piece:
“Oh my goshh!!!! I need this!!”
“Oh shoot. What size is this?! I hope it fits me!”
“I’m definitely keeping this. I don’t care what size it is”
“I hope nobody’s buys this so I have a legit excuse to keep it!”
“Man! This isn’t my size… But I can make it work!”
“OMG this classic tee with that new Lindsay will be PERFECT!!”
“This Sarah sweater is the bommmbbbb!!!!!”

3 days later…. I’ve finally finished hanging ???

So. Who is ready for some KILLER outfits tomorrow?!?! By a show of a random emoji!

Love you all. Happy Memorial Day. Stay safe, friends! ?

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