The Maxi that Haunts Me

May 24, 2016 Outfit Ideas 0 Comments

Y’all. This Aztec maxi (L) haunts me every day that it sits in my lulaRoom. I want it. Bad. Along with this VERY soft classic tee (L) that has the smallest pin stripes. So small, I can’t get it to photograph for your viewing pleasure. I would tie the classic tee to the side and wear the flowy grey Lindsay (L) on top. OR you could lightly tuck the front of the classic tee into the yoga band waist of the skirt. Either way, adorable. Warm Day to cool evening in one outfit. Aztec Maxi The Maxi that Haunts Me The Maxi that Haunts Me 13232945 10154174991451948 5289512587802101294 n