Will you accept this Rose!?

May 25, 2016 LulaRoe 0 Comments

Will you accept this Rose!?

Did you know that I LOVE The Bachelorette/The Bachelor Tv series? Oh you didn’t? Well, now you know!

EVERY Monday night– lets play a little *The Bachelorette* game! come to my page. Check-in on the designated post and you could win a free pair of leggings.. or a shirt or something! We can chat, laugh, and most importantly? Look to see if we spot any LLR on anyone in the show (high hopes here, people).

Now, here is whats tricky. I do not have cable.. *GASP*. So, It doesn’t come on for me until it airs (hi, Hulu). AND we have lots of east coast girls in the group.. SOOOOOO we will choose a winner in the morning! K?

SO here is the first Bachelorette post of the season!!!!!!!
Question: Do you like JOJO? Did you watch her on The Bachelor?

Love you guys! Love that we have this fun little group to chat about silly things like reality TV. You have no idea how happy you all make me!!!  If you are not apart of my VIP group, you must get on the train!  Go here to ask to be a member:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/929631670442997/

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