LuLaRoe is Winning over Thousands of Women

June 22, 2016 LulaRoe


Go LulaRoe!!
This was posted by someone who works for Levi Jeans 🙂
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“For those of you who don’t know, I work FT for Levi Strauss & Co. I’ve been here for 10 years. Every day we get a news briefing on whats going on with the company and within the clothing industry….. Look what was in today’s!!!!
“The Rabidly-Followed Leggings Brand You Can Only Buy on Facebook: Outside of the usual suspects, you may have gotten a Facebook message or two about a product that swears that it’s the most comfortable item of clothing you’ve ever owned. Perhaps you were invited to a friend’s online pop-up, and found yourself immediately immersed in the brightly colored cult of LuLaRoe.
LuLaRoe is winning over thousands of women across the world. LuLaRoe’s comfortable and brightly colored clothing is rapidly gaining cult status, built almost entirely through the power of social media. LuLaRoe’s success is due in large part to their leggings.”
When a Global super giant like Levi’s takes note you’re doing something right!”

LulaRoe Levi LuLaRoe is Winning over Thousands of Women LuLaRoe is Winning over Thousands of Women LulaRoe Levi