Men Love Cassie Skirts!

Now, I’m not saying that I’ve spoken with your husband. But I am saying that I have never had a man upset with me for selling his wife a Cassie skirt. Modest yet sexy. That’s a true statement, y’all. The yoga band waist keeps you comfy but the fabric and prints keep you looking stylish! This teal (I know, again!) ribbed Irma (M) with the lightly striped creamy Lindsay (M) paired with this Cassie is to. Die. For. The subtle pops of summer in this (M) Cassie are sure to carry you through multiple seasons! Grab this outfit and report back to us with thoughts from your significant other.

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Pattern mixing newbies! I’m here to give you the gateway outfit of your dreams! Delicate floral and leaf print Cassie (L), a solid deep coral Irma (L), and a sky blue striped Lindsay (M). When you need to run to the mini mart for another box of Popsicles and you have your beach blown hair- toss on this outfit and call it good. Those brown braided flip flops will be perfect! If you need an outfit for the Jack johnson concert, well then add your super worn in rugged booties and a floppy hat! Yellow Cassie Skirt men love cassie skirts! Men Love Cassie Skirts! 13346411 10154193376196948 8305404691834151812 n

Yes this is a real Cassie. Yes it’s fabulous. Yes I wish it were my size. Yes I have tried to find a way to make it work for me. No I was not successful. So yes, this outfit is up for grabs. An XL Cassie with those most awesome hot pink design WITH orange/yellow stripes!!!!!!!!! Is this real life?! And how perfect is that deep teal (yes. Again). Ribbed Irma (L) AND THE EVER SO SOFTEST (L) Lindsay kimono? I mean, c’mon. This is too good. Cassie Skirt men love cassie skirts! Men Love Cassie Skirts! 13339505 10154193392711948 7322204730812565420 n