Love Me a Good Beanie

July 27, 2016 LulaRoe, Outfit Ideas

You all know that I love me a good beanie. And this one is fresh out of the mail from UO! I couldn’t wait to find a perfect outfit to wear it with. And then I found this cute little get up. I wear beanies not only when it’s cold, but also for traveling! Oh you need a cute look for the drive-in movies this Friday? Well then, here is a LEGGINGS MATERIAL (!!!!!) perfect tee (m) and the coziest grey Sarah (m) that you’ve ever seen! Wrap up in the Sarah and get comfy in you solid navy leggings(os). Throw on that double gold chain (cause we fancy!!), your giant Pom beanie, and your sunglasses (cause, duh) and hit the snack bar. Get nachos with extra jalapeños. Maybe even some Mike n Ike’s if they have ’em.Love Me a Good Beanie Love Me a Good Beanie Love Me a Good Beanie Love Me a Good Beanie