One Shot!

July 27, 2016 LulaRoe, Outfit Ideas

I know you guys take 84 pictures before you get the right Instagram shot. But with this instax, you get ONE SHOT! SOOOO better make sure you’re camera ready with this insanely adorable outfit. A buttery soft perfect t (2xl) with a delicious red and speck Ma of teal and mustard pattern. A Sarah (XL) with a dark teal tint. And some mustard yellow leggings (tc). Mustard and green flats together?! Oh my heck, ALLL THE YES! Get your side satchel leather stamped bag (picked up that beauty in Cabo!) to hold your camera and lipgloss. Strike the perfect pose.. You know the one you’ve practices in the full length mirror the past 7 months? Ya, that one. One Shot One Shot! One Shot! One Shot