Kids help with LuLaRoe

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6 heavy boxes full of fresh LulaRoe was just delivered. This is the picture my husband sent me while I was out picking up groceries. My kids are just dying to dig through. The best party of my LuLaRoe business is that I get to spend time with my kids more and they actually help me and my business thrive. They quite possibly have more excitement than I do sometimes! They compare the prints, sort by sizes and colors, count items, and hang! We have easily incorporated homeschooling with our LuLaRoe business!

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Here is another awesome occasion where my oldest daughter helped me. I am so blessed!

Heading out around town to spread some loving words and affirmations on bags stuffed with leggings! Spreading that #teamUplift kindness like confetti! Come hang out on our VIP page to see where our kiddos leave the bags! We love you all and are so appreciative of your support and love!

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